David Parsley

Executive Advisor

Years of Experience: 10 

Expertise:  Sales, Business Partner Channel Development, Improving Results through Employee Feedback, Talent Upgrade Using Best Fit Selection Techniques, Employee Assessments, 360 Leadership Development and 180 Sales Development Programs, Business Improvement Using Information and Insights in Multiple Industries. 



Let  Us Help You

Whether you want us to work for you or train your current HR staff to be more impactful, we can help you.        

Our business is all about you!  We strive to help our clients develop and implement effective HR systems and strategies which will solve their HR challenges so they can devote more time to growing their organizations and increasing profits.  We will partner with you to develop an effective HR function that incorporates today's best programs and practices.  Find out today how we can help you manage your HR function and optimize performance!

 Our Strength is HR

Robert "Bob" Burns
Founder and President

Years of experience: 35

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Employee and Labor Relations, Conflict Resolution, Complaint Investigations, Organizational Design and Development, Leadership/ Management Training, Performance Management, Diversity, Affirmative Action.

Cheryl Marsden, M.S., SPHR,
 Executive Advisor

Years of experience: 20

Expertise:  Adult Education/Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Workplace Planning and Employment, Employee and Labor Relations, and Risk Management.

Joan Taylor
 Executive Advisor

Years of experience:  33

Expertise:  Design/Implementation of Traditional/Band Compensation Structures, Job Evaluation/Market Pricing, Performance and Sales Incentive Plan Design/Implementation, HR Systems Conversion/Integration/ Implementation, Affirmative Action Design and Analysis.

Provide Effective HR Solutions (Scripts)

You need practical HR programs and practices which can be easily established and administereded over time.  HRScript provides four Scripts to meet your HR  challenges.

​Capitalize on Our Experience and Expertise
​We know HR including the most basic Key Elements to the complex practices that will enhance your current HR effectiveness and improve your business.             

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Our Goal

Our goal is to serve start-up companies by establishing their HR function; and to serve small and medium size organizations by improving their HR effectiveness.

Our HR Vision

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