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Advisor Accomplishments


Due to changes in its core operations, a Pinellas County employer found it necessary to reduce headcount.  Our Advisors developed an exit strategy including employee communications, employee transition package, change management training for managers, a manager's step-by-step guide, and onsite support during employee notifications.

A Pinellas County employer needed a pay for performance system.  Our Advisors developed and implemented a plan that was sensitive to the employer's budget constraints yet rewarded the highest performers with the highest raises, and provided impactful and rewarding pay increases to all employees who performed acceptably.


A Hillsborough County employer retained our Advisors on a monthly basis to address any HR concerns that arise including disciplinary actions and terminations, employee performance counseling, manager coaching, hiring and retention, job descriptions and evaluations, EEO matters, pay issues, and leave-related issues.


 A Tampa employer feared sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims because a manager and his employee were dating.  The employer asked our Advisor to develop a workplace dating policy that established behavior expectations for all parties and minimized the employer's legal liability.

A Tampa private school called upon us to assist in investigating possible falsification of time cards leading to an employee being grossly overpaid.  An Advisor found that an employee had been stealing time for over a month.  The school decided to terminate the employee.  The Advisor counseled the employee's manager on the appropriate manner in which to conduct the termination meeting.  Subsequently, the Advisor represented the school in an unemployment compensation hearing on the case resulting in denial of benefits for the terminated employee.

A Tampa church asked us to create a bona fide HR function to manage all aspects of the employment relationship with its staff.  An Advisor experienced in new setups managed the project to completion.