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Thank you for visiting our website.  HRScript, LLC. is a HR consulting firm founded to serve start-up businesses and small and medium size organizations in the Tampa Bay area.  I started this company because I want to help start-ups establish those HR processes and practices necessary for basic compliance with current employment regulations and effective people management, and to help small and medium size organizations develop HR processes and practices that will help them optimize utilization of their greatest asset – their employees. 

 Our approach is based on our principles:  We SIMPLIFY HR management to ensure consistency and continuity; we INTEGRATE your HR processes and practices with your business model to ensure  they align with and support your business objectives; and we DRIVE RESULTS.  We offer customizable packages, or Scripts, that can be easily implemented and followed by anyone to whom you assign HR responsibility.  We know that most start-ups and many small organizations cannot afford to hire a dedicated HR professional on staff.  Our Scripts do not require a HR professional to be successful.

 We provide our Scripts with a keen eye on affordability.  While we may not be the least expensive service provider in all cases, our products are very competitively priced.  What distinguishes us from our competitors?  Our products, our process, and our people - it's that simple.  Our Advisors with years of real experience will partner with you from plan conception through plan implementation to plan completion and business results.  We will not abandon you with a list of recommendations and a wish for good luck.  We want you to be successful because when you are successful, we are successful, also. 

 We offer our products and services in three affordable ways.  We have an hourly fee, a product price, or a retainer fee.  I recommend the latter because it can be less expensive over time and you have access to our Advisors for any HR-related need.  Plus, a retainer often costs less than the fully loaded costs of hiring a HR professional on staff to provide the same services.  In the Tampa Bay area, the fully loaded costs of a HR professional on staff will often exceed $100,000 per year.
We want to help you establish and implement HR management in your organization.  If you already have a HR presence, we want to help you improve and expand your HR so it can help you grow and develop your business.

Don’t wait.  Please give us a call today!


Robert "Bob" Burns

Founder and CEO